During turbulent times, anxiety and worry add to the stress of keeping your business viable. Market upheavals disrupt well-laid plans and render carefully-crafted strategies useless. Darkening horizons threaten stormy conditions and uncertainty sets in. When facing uncertainty, the important thing to remember is to get back to basics. Your business was created with a specific mission in mind, and chances are, that mission was not to sit around and worry about staying in business. Therefore, when complications set in, bring your focus back to the core functions and abandon everything else.

The unnecessary burden of in-house IT

Your business IT needs is an example of an area that is not your company's core function. In-house IT departments can easily grow unwieldy and direction-less if a company does not have the need, focus or budget to properly utilise the unit. When this happens, what was created to meet business needs during times of growth turns into a time and money sink when business slows, putting a drain on important resources.

This adds unnecessary burden to your overheads, which can turn from being a niggling worry during the best of times into an outright danger during periods of bad business. In today's shaky climate, can your company truly afford to keep this up?

Outsourcing is gaining in popularity

Worldwide trends show outsourcing has been on the rise. Noted IT market intelligence firm, IDC, reveals that the IT outsourcing market reached a value of US$23 billion for the Asia Pacific region in 2006. Surveys conducted in 2008 of over 500 companies show increasing customer satisfaction with outsourcing. While previously the preserve of bigger companies, experts are noting that SMEs are also choosing to outsource their IT needs, having observed the real benefits that such an arrangement can bring.

By outsourcing your business IT needs, you trim your business down to its core functions so you and your staff can concentrate fully on creating and sustaining business. In other words, you are freed to do what you do best.

By the same token, you are offloading a business need that you are probably not so familiar with to an expert, who will be able to advise you on the best way to fulfil your needs. Being a specialist in the area, your IT vendor is able to provide powerful, customised solutions and take care of your IT needs.

Gain expert help while saving costs

Your organisation gains multiple benefits by outsourcing its IT needs. Firstly, outsourcing is a proven way to dynamically drive down business costs, a powerfully compelling factor for businesses facing the soft markets ahead. By outsourcing, you are also engaging expert help to oversee all your current and future IT needs on your behalf. They are able to help you make the best use of your existing infrastructure, keep your network safe and secure, and build in scalability to allow for future growth plans.

With a congruent understanding of your organisation's goals and needs, your IT vendor is also able to make the most appropriate and comprehensive IT recommendations, eliminating the anxiety of dealing with multiple vendors who are each competing to push their different products to you.

With the recessionary economy predicted ahead, companies need to trim the bloat in order to keep afloat. By outsourcing your IT needs, you gain a valuable, flexible partnership that provides you with expert, customised solutions in a speedy and timely manner while helping you to save cost and keep your overheads low. By offloading a non-core function, you can concentrate on running a lean and trim ship, ensuring that your company is ready to ride out the storm and seize new horizons.